Dr Shawn Seit | Aesthetic Physician Toronto

Dr Shawn Seit

Dr. Shawn Seit is a figurehead in the non-surgical cosmetic treatment community and the founder of Rejuuv Medi Spa. His years of experience and teaching lend themselves to his practice as an aesthetic physician in Canada, with three clinics in Toronto, Markham, and North York. His goal is to provide the latest technologies and techniques to deliver natural, confidence-boosting results with care and expertise.

Having graduated from the University of Toronto with a Doctorate of Medicine, Dr. Seit is passionate about teaching clinicians across the globe about the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments and techniques. He is constantly reinventing, learning, and perfecting his practice to provide his patients with a luxurious experience and long-lasting results. He worked and trained alongside Dr. Stephen Mulholland, mastering his craft during this time to treat a wide range of conditions and revisions.

While watching the cosmetic industry grow in the past 10 years, Dr. Seit has become even more popular, traveling overseas for seminars, training, and events so he can expand his knowledge and continue to introduce the latest procedures to the Rejuuv MediSpa clinic. He has been named a top provider of Ultherapy, Morpheus8, Picosure, and SculpSure, and Rejuuv MediSpa was the first clinic to launch EMSCULPT and Morpheus8 treatments in Ontario.

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