Dr Shawn Seit | Aesthetic Physician Toronto

Dr Shawn Seit

Dr. Shawn Seit always knew he wanted to enhance and make others’ lives better at a very early age. He studied medicine at the University of Toronto, enjoyed helping many patients during his residency and his time at clinics. Later on, he became particularly interested in the cosmetic beauty field. He worked and trained with Dr. Stephen Mulholland, the world-renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr.Shawn Seit is best known for non-invasive treatments with the most natural results. With more than 18 years of experience treating a wide range of conditions, revisions. Through his continuous learning and working with new techniques, Shawn is one of the best-known doctors for non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Canada. 

During the past 10 years, as the cosmetic industry grew, demand becomes more popular than ever. To be in the leading position with the latest technology advancement and treatment techniques, Dr. Shawn Seit has traveled overseas for seminars, training, events across Switzerland, Paris, Monaco, Copenhagen, Prague, Istanbul, and South Korea. To understand the cultural influences and perceptual differences in beauty standards, and how to create the most authentic, natural beauty that fits each individual, elevating every client’s life. Dr. Shawn Seit and his medi spas’ mission is to help everyone to feel and live their most beautiful self with the least invasive techniques.